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Non Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift before and after at Aromas MedSpa

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Non Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift before and after at Aromas MedSpa
Non Surgical Brazilian Butt Liftme, at Aromas MedSpa

Non Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift

Known also as Booty Lift Radiesse 

Here is The Whole Truth Explained Of  The butt-lift using Radiesse.

Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift  or Radiesse is a dermal filler that stimulates collagen formation in the skin. It has been used historically to repair facial volume loss, but more recently it has also been employed to enhance the gluteal area.

The Radiesse buttock lift can be used to provide the impression of fuller, more rounded buttocks. Because there is no fat transfer or implant placement involved, surgical intervention is not necessary.
Radiesse’s buttlifting benefits are well-documented.
Lovely and organic end product.
Non-surgical and minimally invasive approach.
It does not require anesthetic.
There was absolutely no downtime.
Rapid recovery compared to surgical options.
Reduces or removes the potential for complications during surgery.
Prerequisites for Radiesse Buttlift Acquiring
Overall sound health.
They hope to achieve better buttocks definition and volume.
They would rather find an alternative to surgery.
They anticipate it will take numerous sessions and some time to see improvement.

The 4 Step To a Beautiful Butt
  • 1 While you are standing, we will assess and mark the treatment region. To improve comfort, lidocaine will be added to the Rádiesse formula and will also be placed at the delivery cannula entry points.
  • 2 A microcannula, and in some cases a small needle, will be used to insert the Rádiesse into the buttock areas where you want to add more volume.
  • 3 You will be standing up for part of the Rádiesse injection and then lying on your stomach for the rest of the injection. Once all the Rádiesse has been placed in the treatment region, we will massage the area for a few minutes.
  • 4 Each treatment can usually be completed in one hour. Most patients typically need 2-3 treatment sessions to achieve the desired results. Each treatment will be spaced at 4 to 6-week intervals.
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